1. If you cannot attend a class please cancel at the earliest possible opportunity. Any cancellations made with less than 4 hours’ notice will incur the full charge of the session; it reduces the chance of someone else taking that space. For 6 am, 7 am and 8am classes you must book out by 8pm the night before or you will incur the full charge of the session.

2. All monthly fees to be paid in full regardless of usage. If you pay for a month and cannot attend we do not offer a refund or extension. Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

3. If you wish to cancel a direct debit or monthly membership we require 28 days’ notice. If the notice takes you into your next billing cycle, we will pro rata the final payment. Notice must be given in writing by email to enquiries@newwavecrossfit.com.

4. If you wish to cancel an Annual membership we require 3 months’ notice in writing. We will refund the unused portion of the membership once the 3 months has passed.

5. No refunds are available on our pack of 10 CrossFit sessions.

6. When you purchase a membership, NewWave CrossFit has a 14 day cooling off period. You may cancel at any time within this period provided no sessions have been attended or bookings made.

7. Membership may be suspended in the event of redundancy, long-term illness, injury (which completely prevents training) or pregnancy. If you wish to suspend your membership you should inform us no later than 2 weeks prior to start of your next billing period.

8. Membership may be suspended for reasons not covered above at the discretion of NewWave CrossFit. During such suspension no payment will be taken but full payments will resume at the end of the agreed suspension or after 3 months.

9. After returning from a period of suspension or injury you may be required to complete a Fundamentals course before rejoining classes at no extra cost. This will be at the discretion of NewWave CrossFit.

10. Failure to pay membership fees on time will result in a late payment charge of £10. If a membership remains unpaid after four days your account will be put on hold & access to the Gym will be denied until the outstanding money has been paid.