Pilates Teacher

After training 3 years at performing arts school, I gravitated towards fitness as a career as it gave me the same buzz and passion. Working at a Pilates studio reception from a young age allowed me to take classes and experience Pilates on a regular basis. Having a dance background, I knew Pilates would be a perfect match with dance to help me look after my body.

I joined NewWave as a member in November 2017 for my fitness as I felt that the gym wasn’t enough compared to what I was used to at dance school. I quickly fell in love with Crossfit. Soon after I started teaching Mat Pilates at NewWave to give the members the benefits of combining Pilates with CrossFit.


  • Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor
  • 3 years Performing Arts Diploma at Italia Conti


  • Reformer Pilates
  • Mat Pilates

CrossFit Style:

Favourite WOD: Anything with Deadlifts
Favourite Move: Deadlift