CrossFit Teens

What is CrossFit Teens?

NewWave CrossFit Teens is a strength and conditioning program combining gymsnastics, bodyweight movements and weightlifting elements, which are designed to be fun for kids aged 14-17 years. Our program is not only designed to improve physical wellbeing but it has many emotional benefits such as:

  • – Sportsmanship
  • – Leadership
  • – Teamwork
  • – Listening
  • – Self-Discipline
  • – Manners

CrossFit Teens is based on the principles of:

  • – Mechanics
  • – Consistency
  • – Intensity

It emphasises good movement throughout adolescence as consistently good mechanics translate to physical literacy, enchanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that excercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on a young person’s academic achievements.

CrossFit Teens is meant to be BIG (Broad-Inclusive-General) fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means better health for our young people. If teenagers grow up enjoying exercise and seeing the beneifts to their health, they are more likely to maintain fitness throughout their lives.

How do I sign up my teenager?

You can purchase a one-off membership or a 10 pack. Classes take place on a Saturday afternoon and last for 1 hour.

You can book classes and purchase memberships online. If you already have an account with us use the “Manage Families” option on your dashboard to create an account for your teenager. You will then be able to purchase memberships and book classes for them. If you are not a member you can create an account for free, just click here.

What should they wear?

Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing that shows arms and legs only, no midriff on display. Hair that touches the shoulders should be tied up and any jewellery must be removed.